EHBE 2008 (Montpellier University, France)

We are pleased to announce that our third annual conference will be held 2-4 April at Montpellier University, France. As last year, our aim is to create a multidisciplinary European forum in which researchers applying evolutionary theory to the behavioural sciences can meet and exchange ideas.

The 2008 meeting, held at University of Montpellier (France), was organised by Michel Raymond and Charlotte Faurie and was supported by the generosity of CNRS, Région Languedoc Roussillon and the University of Montpellier II.

This meeting marked the first continental EHBE conference and successfully drew over 140 delegates from a diverse range of countries and academic backgrounds. Below, we provide a summary of the 34 thought-provoking papers presented at EHBE 2008. In addition to these oral presentations, 50 posters were presented.