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The European Human Behaviour and Evolution (EHBE) Conferences were begun in 2006 in order to provide a much needed interdisciplinary European forum for discussing evolutionary research applied to the behavioural sciences, broadly interpreted. We are committed to organising genuinely interdisciplinary conferences that bring together all researchers applying evolutionary theory to the behavioural sciences, including not only the main branches of human behavioural ecology, evolutionary psychology and cultural evolution, but including disciplines such as evolutionary archaeology, sociology and medicine.

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After the success of the first conference, the 2007 conference, held at the London School of Economics and organised by Rebecca Sear, Tom Dickins and David Lawson, was designed to attract a much larger and more diverse audience and succeeded in drawing 130 delegates from 15 different countries. These conferences will continue to run annually.

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The 2008 conference will be held 2-4 April at Montpellier University in France, organised by Charlotte Faurie and Michel Raymond. The deadline for submissions is 17 December 2007. Please visit our conference pages to submit a paper and for information from our 2006 and 2007 conferences.

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EHBE Conference Steering Committee:

We are not (yet) a formally constituted society, but the organisers of the 2007 conference, along with Kevin Laland, constitute a Steering Committee for all future conferences.

  • Tom Dickins (School of Psychology, University of East London)
  • Rebecca Sear (Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics)
  • David Lawson (Department of Anthropology, University College London)
  • Kevin Laland (School of Biology, University of St Andrews)